Skunked? Quick! get the Peroxide, Baking soda and Dawn! DONT WET YOUR DOG!!! Make a paste (the Dawns gentle and helps to distribute) Careful - It stings in the eyes. Slap it on, rub it in. The more the better! Leave it at least 10 minutes, rinse. If your pup will let you, and you still smell it, do it again!

I cant help you until the above is done. Imagine the stink in my small van! The next dog could catch the smell, yuck!
Trust me, nothing I can do will equal what you can do as quickly as possible!

Good luck!

I use a 50/50 vinegar water mix. There is no end to that products uses! Its natural, helps kill ear problems, smells ok and cleans well! I have the chemical cleaners if you prefer, but hey, use it at home too, once a week will keep the yuck out! slightly wet a cotton ball with the mix, give a wipe out and yeasty smells will soon disappear.
I cut nails with nice sharp clippers, and if you requested I can file the front ones. There's no charge!
If your dog has fleas, firstly I cant come out. I cant contaminate the truck! But sometimes you just don't know, and if that's the case I can give a flea bath but there is a charge. I have to "bomb" the entire van after the groom and cancel following clients - just incase. Please regularly de-flea your pets!
These ugly little creeps sometimes find their way onto your pets skin. I can get them out safely and dispose of them - its $5 for each one.
Creative grooming
Oh yes! I love being able to try new things! Earrings (temps!) colors both nail and hair, cool cuts, new styles just ask! No charge!
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